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Our skilled technicians can repair all types of watches. If you can’t find your required service online, please either contact us via telephone or email us for further assistance.

Lead times vary between repairs and can depend on the availability of parts. Battery replacement and pressure tests can be provided the same day, our largest watch repair is a Service which would take 6-8 weeks or less. (Pocket watches and clocks a minimum 12 weeks plus)

A basic quartz service starts from £40. A service to a mechanical timepiece starts from around £300.

We operate on a no fix, no fee basis. In the very unlikely event, our technicians are unable to repair your item, you will not be charged for this service.
Your item would be returned with a Return undone letter.

Your watch would initially undergo a full inspection and testing process.

The watch would then be disassembled.

Parts would then go through our cleaning process.

All worn parts would be removed and replaced.

If your watch is mechanical then your Mainspring would be replaced.

Reassembly of the movement then begins and the movement would be lubricated.

Movement adjustment and timing accuracy is then carried out.

Watch Reassembly is then carried out.

An optional light polish or replacement leather strap is offered. (bracelet depending)

Final testing and quality control.

The watch is then re-assembled by a similar reversed process with all relevant parts being greased and oiled to manufacturers requirements and guidelines.

Please contact us regarding a postal repair, We can provide a shipping kit for you. Please send your watch to:
Bigfoot’s Repairs LTD,
Warwick Lane Shopping Centre,
3-4 The Square, Wickham,
PO17 5JN

Do not send the watch in its original box, as this cannot be guaranteed back to you. 

Yes, all repairs come with a 12 month warranty minimum unless stated otherwise.

We would recommend once every 5/10 years subject to the condition of the watch in question. Everybody and their watch is different.

Monday to Saturday (9.00 to 5.00)

We can leak check and pressure test it for you, A pass receipt is provided on return unless complications. Water Resistance should be checked every 12 months and before holidays or use in water. It can never be guaranteed due to seals deteriorating over time.

We keep you informed throughout the process providing regular updates based on our diagnosis.

Electronic methods accepted – Mastercard, Visa, AMEX, UnionPay, Diners Club International, JCB, Discover, GooglePay, ApplePay, SamsungPay

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