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Jewellery Repairs

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Jewellery Cleaning

We offer a bespoke and unique cleaning service. We use steam cleaning as well as an ultrasonic tank and traditional hand methods. We can make your item shine once more! Non allergenic fluid is used throughout. Whether it be one ring or 10 items, it is the same process, therefore the same price.


Replacement stones, Re clawing/tipping, Rhodium plating, Refinishing/Polishing or even manipulating warped or misshapen items back from the brink. This can be provided a number of different ways.

Stone Identification

Stone Identification Reports are requested for standard identification and verification of diamonds and coloured stones. This report includes: the species of the material, detailed measurements, quality, weight as well as a detailed photograph of the gemstone.

Clasp & Link Repair

We can fix worn and broken bracelets/necklaces, using traditional and modern techniques.


If you need a wedding band, engagement ring or family heirloom adjusted, stretched or reduced, just give us a call.

Insurance Valuation

This type of valuation is compiled on the basis of what similar articles will cost to replace in the event of loss or damage. The figures represent average retail prices in the usual, local market. The description will be full and detailed enough to enable the article of similar quality to be obtained but not a handmade facsimile (this would require facsimile insurance) in the event of a claim being submitted to your insurer.

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