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Watch Repairs

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Battery Replacement

From hardwearing basics to luxury timepieces, we'll make sure they're ticking along nicely! Trust an experienced member of our team to provide either a same day or postal service battery replacement. All batteries are guaranteed for 12 months.

Glass Replacement

We hold most Major brands Glass replacements in stock, if necessary we may order on demand and in addition we also offer glass cutting services for unusual circumstances. For example extremely old models or uncommon shaped cases.


Noticed your timepiece running slow or it has simply stopped working. We can service most brands, mechanical or quartz using genuine parts.


We offer a bespoke and unique cleaning service. We use steam cleaning as well as an ultrasonic tank and traditional hand methods. We can make your item shine once more! Non allergenic fluid is used throughout.

Bracelet & Strap Resizing

It is important that your watch is comfortable to wear but also looking the part! This is why Bigfoot's offers a professional bracelet and strap resizing service to achieve that perfect fit.
Our expert team can remove links, add links, cut straps to measure , Replace straps and punch holes. We can offer this service as either a same day or a postal.

Pressure Testing

Most watches are now water-resistant which means they can be submerged into water to a predetermined extent. As your watch ages and goes through the rigours of day-to-day life, it will slowly start to lose some of its resistance to water. Here at Bigfoot's we can pressure test your watch the very same day and we can usually reseal your watch within a week, subject to stock availability. Pressure test pass receipt provided on return unless complications.


Our polishing is often in high demand, we can offer laser welding, case lapping and bezel restoration.

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